Bob Martin is arguably one of the premier writers on roses in the world. He was the editor of The Pasadena Rose from 1987 - 1996 and contributed an amazing 251 original articles to that publication. During those years, The Pasadena Rose was honored by receiving the distinction of Honorable mention once, the Bronze medal twice, and the Silver medal once for outstanding local newsletters.

He has also authored more than 25 articles for the Rose Exhibitors’ Forum, a quarterly magazine published by the American Rose Society, and is the current editor of that publication. This is a "must have" for exhibitors and a subscription can be purchased for only $10 per year. Send orders to:

American Rose Society

PO Box 30,000

Shreveport, LA 71130-0030

or call at:

Phone (318)-938-5402

Fax (318)-938-5405

Bob is a frequent contributor to the American Rose magazine and has had two feature articles in the American Rose Annual. Over the years, he has received 17 ARS "Awards of Merit" for newsletter articles.